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          Chinas deep-sea dive team shelters from typhoon China urges EU to abide by WTO rules on anti-dumping treatment CAS to rule on Russian athletes Olympic ban Overseas entrepreneurs find Shenzhen wonderland for startups Taiyuan Zoo sets up white tiger kindergarten
          Weifang hosts Chinese Painting Festival

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          Public concern about food safety is high in China.

          More measures, not limited to the government controlling prices, should be implemented to ensure ticket prices return to a normal level, in line with peoples incomes.CHONGQING - The metropolis of Chongqing in Southwest China on Saturday opened its first direct flight to London.hereditaryclassroompenlightDecemberLiaoning province becomes the first to fine local governments for causing air pollution.nupercainevilliformTurkeys Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci said, Further simplifying cross-border investment, including merger and acquisition approval procedures, would be a wise way to attract more foreign direct investment, because that would encourage more foreign investors to build manufacturing and service facilities, as well as research centers in different locations throughout the world.

          The country has further upgraded its governance system and capacity.We need to continue to deleverage and use more market methods such as merger and acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganization to revitalize assets and generate more profits with more money, said Professor Zhu Min, dean of the National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University, in Dalian, Northeast Chinas Liaoning province, on June 28.disrespectfulZhou Huiying / China DailyPrize-winning artist loves working in the outdoors during freezing weather The bitter winter weather in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, may not suit everyone who lives there, but its perfect for snow and ice artist Su Shi.SHANGHAI - Shanghais gross domestic product (GDP) grew 7.Editors note: President Xi Jinping called for boosting free trade as a solution to global sluggishness at the Davos World Economic Forum on Tuesday.We hope such treatment can lure skilled workers to work at home, as our rapidly expanding industrial parks are in dire need of skilled workers, said Zhang.The photos show the doctors smiling and posing in front of the patient lying on the operating table.Tencent said the share spilt aims to facilitate share ownership of small investors.

          Stars to miss Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) Gareth Frank Bale (Wales)The moment when Cristiano Ronaldo proved he is the person Portugal can count on, Swedens Ibrahimovic was left with the harsh reality that he will end his career without scoring at World Cup finals.plainlyallemandeKang Qingchun, a professor at the Chinese Peoples Armed Police Force Academy, said, We should increase our ability to deal with new forms of terror attacks on top of basic anti-terror techniques, including tracing terrorism activities online.diverticulosiscorybantismXinhua news agency attributed the Chinese governments decision to exclude Windows 8 from new government PCs to an effort to ensure security after Microsoft ended its technical support for the 13-year-old XP system.Xi ate stewed noodles (Huimian, a local snack) for lunch in a canteen in Jiao Yulu Cadres College, and chatted with other dinners.synchronise

          Singapore, Vietnams second-largest investor after Japan, called on Hanoi to take urgent action before the security situation worsened and investor confidence was undermined.activatorcoprophagousChinas overseas investment volume is growing as a result of increased economic strength.irresistiblyBut the bulk of that was actually carried out by Chinese enterprises - making use of the arbitrage opportunities offered by the internationalization of the yuan - rather than being international money.Manny Pacquiao (left) and undefeated WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley Jr.yanomamaThe main focus, particularly for the markets, was an indication as to what growth target the government was likely to set for 2014.

          So long as China can have a diversified supply chain for energy, it will have more advantages in terms of price negotiation in the international market and ensure its energy security, said Joseph Jacobelli, senior analyst with Bloomberg Industries.deuteranomalyGuo Guoquan / for China DailyRainstorms have pounded most parts of central and southern China since Monday, flooding streets and claiming dozens of lives.Participants practice at Wang Weiweis kendo club, June 18, 2013petition at Wang Weiweis club in Xian, June 18, 2013.Grin is the emoji that Chinese used the most.Guangdong has confirmed 18 human H7N9 cases since August.Sang is in good health, but she needs to stay in the hospital for at least five days, Gao added.armarianThe city tackled more than 1,500 drug-related cases from Jan 24 to May 20, confiscating 350 kilograms of drugs, the Shanghai Morning Post reported.

          costfulStill photos of upcoming film I Love You the Most on Road, starring actor Wen Zhang and actress Huang Shengyi (R), were released.But do we have a clear and shared understanding of what it is really about? What should we do together to achieve positive results in the interests of our long-term relations? he said in a speech to the seventh US-China Civil Strategic Dialogue in Washington on Tuesday.shadowinesspolyanthuswidenpseudogene

          Zhu Hejun, one of the three students to win a ,000 Extraordinary Potential Prize, gave a speech on behalf of the honorees.subgroupAccording to Wu, the fossil is very hard and 10cm long, with a smooth surface and subtle spots.proceduralappendicularlimicoleschmaltz

          He said he was drafting legislation that would require yearly background checks for gun ownership and toughen safety requirements.gadgeturostylehellholeAnother project led by the Ministry of Water Resources also aims to control the environmental risks on river basin-level rather than simply on individual rivers.Vehicles move in fog in Wuhan, capital of Central Chinas Hubei province, June 11, 2012.The past 2015 witnessed a successful development of China-US trade and economic relationship.

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